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Erectile dysfunction is caused by a lot of physical factors and not so physical factors. Erectile dysfunction is the consistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection even when the man is aroused.Obviously, this article addresses men health and is a benefit only to the man? Wrong! It is also for the wife and mother that sincerely care about the erectile health of their Neverending lovemaking oneLet me make it clear that erectile dysfunction can be aged or congenital meaning that the young male adult in your home is at a risk of having an erectile sickness.

Among causes of erectile dysfunction are lipid dysfunctions, hypertension, atherosclerosis, metabolic glitches and diabetes. After having established that erectile dysfunction is not limited to age grades as believed in the past, and acceptance that the earlier the detection, the better for all concerned, we should note that not all cases of erectile dysfunction is medical related.

Among medical causes of erectile dysfunction is basically lipid dysfunction.“Lipid can be loosely described as any class of organic compound that are fatty acids or their derivative, and are insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents….”www.likipedia.com.Going by this definition, we should understand that lipids are basically, things that flow in the body that make the human body alive.

A dysfunction in fatty acid or blood vessel ordinarily, is ample cause for concern. As to the implication to erectile health, it is simply a persistent dysfunction. Another important factor that causes erectile illness is what is known as atherosclerosis. In the Wikipedia website, atherosclerosis is “ a disease in which the arteries will become thick due to plaque build-up, thereby causing blood flow to become abnormal. This simply means that erectile ability will be reduced to zero since the major need for achieving and sustaining an erection is constant blood flow. Another reason for erectile dysfunction is diabetes These means that the penile gland gets deprived of accurate blood and oxygen flow. High blood pressure (hypertension) is also one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Other factors include chronic stress, neurosis and depression.It should be noted, however, that neurosis is completely different from psychosis which is a complete lack of touch with reality. Neurosis simply refers to functional mental disorders that involve acute stress. It is NOT a personality trait.

Lack of testosterone secretly glands, are also a problem and cause erectile dysfunction. The first step, in dealing with erectile dysfunction, is to visit the physician to learn all there is to learn about erectile dysfunction after which the physician would recommend a proper and suitable solution to the problem. He would also let the individual know if the cause of erectile dysfunction is the lifestyle choices of the individual.Lifestyle choices include excessive alcohol intake, use of enhancement substances, inactive lifestyle, lack of sports, anxiety, financial worries, job stress, among others. These are factors that not so subtly leads to breach in male potency.

There are little things that cost nothing and can be done to achieve healthy erectile functioning. They include changing food choices, adding foods that help in boosting libido, adding vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, peaches, grapefruit, eggs, cherries, bananas, salmon, pork, chilli, oysters, coffee, walnuts, almond among others are positive additions to fighting erectile dysfunction. Changing life choices like excessive alcohol intake is also a fighting advantage for the penis. Other ways to fight erectile dysfunction include actively partaking in relaxation exercises and delegating office work, taking time for recreational exercise, and activities – Jogging, walking and even running to work the muscle back into working the way it was meant.

Generally, since it is a sickness found in all ages of men, once the dysfunction is detected, the first thing that comes to mind is how to purchase the next sachet of Viagra among other high in demand medications to treat erectile dysfunction is Viagra, and Caulis. Viagra, also known as sildenafil citrate has been widely acclaimed as the perfect remedy for erectile dysfunction, but part of what comes to mind is the affordability

How cheap is it? When the price is considered, is it then available for everyone? Can the working man afford to buy Viagra as needed? Or does he, like every other person, listen to the dictates of his wallet and shift the purchase till he can afford it? Two things are bound to happen.

One – He buys the amount he can and use for a while or Two - He waits till he can fill his prescription and in the mean time suffer through consequences of limp dick, or erectile dysfunction and watch his relationship (sexual relationship as a married man or a single man planning to marry) suffer. Then he turns to cheap and untried remedies which at the end of the day are likely to make matters worse for him.

Caulis and other prescribed medication also beg the same questions; is it affordable? Simply put, will he be able to treat himself as needed? Then we look at all other alternatives to treat this dysfunction and can’t help but notice Extenze. Extenze is a herbal product that guarantees the lowest rate of adverse effects and maximises the potential of your erection. Added to this, is the double advantage of enlarging the penis.

That means that, with Extenze, you not only get a super and harmless erection, you get a bigger penis, something that other people buy. Some other benefits include; prolonged impact, better sensitivity, enhanced energy among others. Extenze is easy to use and is only once a day.